Winterizing your home

Winterize Your Home Now

The blustery winds this past weekend remind us that winter is fast approaching. NOW is the time to winterize your home before the freezing and snowy weather arrives. Here is a list of just some of the things EMC does when it winterizes your home.

  1. Rodents – Check exterior of your home for rodent entry points and close them up.
  2. Seal Drafty Doors – Add weatherstripping to your garage and exterior door frames. Add door sweep draft guard to bottom of door.
  3. Storm Doors – Ensure they close securely. Replace old storm door with new one that is insulated and seals properly.
  4. Seal Drafty Windows – Install window weatherstripping and caulk seams around windows to seal out drafts and water. Install window film.
  5. Add Insulation – Increase insulation in attic and around doors to keep heat in, cold out, and reduce heating bills.
  6. Roof – Check roof for loose and missing shingles.
  7. Roof Ice Dams – Install roof ice dams and diverters to keep ice from sliding off roof and damaging rain gutters.
  8. Roof Gutters – Clean out roof gutters and add gutter guards to prevent ice buildup and subsequent roof and interior water damage
  9. Water Spigots & Hoses – Turn off exterior water spigots, drain hoses, store.
  10. Ceiling Fans – Change direction to clockwise to push heat from ceiling down into the room. Install ceiling fans in rooms to circulate warm air. Add a ceiling fan that also provides a supplemental source of heat.
  11. Hot Water Heater – Flush the hot water heater through the drain valve to remove sentiment, which allows hot water heater to work more efficiently. Blanket your hot water heater.
  12. Insulate Pipes – Insulate hot water pipes to save energy and keep pipes from freezing.
  13. Central Heating Units – Replace dirty furnace air filters with the correct efficiency filter so unit runs more efficiently. Get annual furnace check up before the freezing weather hits.
  14. Add a Programmable Thermostat
  15. Humidifier – Clean and replace the filter.
  16. Chimney – Add chimney cap to keep weather, rodents, and debris out of your fireplace. Check flu to ensure it closes. Add chimney balloon to keep heat in and drafts out when your fireplace is not in use.
  17. Lawn Furniture – Cover and store lawn furniture.
  18. Clothes Dryer Vent – Check vent cover to ensure it closes to keep drafts and rodents out. Install vent seal. Replace vent cover if needed.
  19. Attic Access – Insulate attic access panels and folding stairs to keep heat in and cold from the attic out.
  20. Stove Exhaust Fan Vent – Ensure the vent closes when the exhaust fan is not working. Replace vent if it doesn’t close.
  21. Window A/C Units – Remove and store window air conditioning units.
  22. Electrical Outlets – Add insulation pads to all outlets on exterior walls to keep cold drafts out.

Winterizing Promotion – Contact us today for an appointment!

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Have your home inspected for winterizing and we’ll apply the $89.99 Winterizing Inspection Fee toward getting those tasks completed before the fowl weather hits!

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