Five Easy Steps to Getting the Basement of Your Dreams


Thinking about remodeling your basement, but feeling a little overwhelmed…like you don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a short list of 5 easy steps to get your dream basement remodel off to a great start!

  • Get Ideas – You know you’ve been dying to remodel the basement and now you can, but with so many ideas floating around in your mind, how do you decide on the final design? How will you know if your design ideas will look as amazing in real life as they do in your mind? Try looking through home design magazines online or spend a few minutes (or an entire day!) on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing! Look for basement remodeling ideas and decorative styles to help narrow down what you like and what you aren’t a fan of.
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  • Create a Wish List– Think about functionality. Remember, form follows function! What will be the main purpose of each area of your new basement? What would you love to have in your new basement? What do you have to have in your new basement? Make a dreamy list of all the things you would love to have in your basement, then make a list of the things that you have to have in your new basement to help you prioritize and balance your wants and needs with your budget. Making these lists can also help when discussing your ideas with your contractor. They may be able to help you incorporate some or all of your wish list while keeping you on budget!
  • Set a Budget – When planning for any major home improvements, setting a realistic budget is key. Remember, there are many factors that can impact the budget, including the cost of materials, labor costs, and those potentially unexpected costs of unforeseen issues with the original structure of your basement. When creating a realistic budget it’s helpful to identify your target budget as well as any wiggle room you may have to increase the budget so that you can get that dream item on your wish list. When budgeting for any remodel, it is always helpful to set aside a budget for your reserve funds, just in case your contractor should find any issues in your existing basement, like water damage, mold, electrical, or plumbing issues. Hopefully, you will never need to dip into your reserve fund, but it is helpful to keep it in mind when setting your overall project budget. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Find a Contractor – With so many contractors out there, how do you choose? Identify what qualities are most important for you. Do you want a family business, someone who is local, someone who has been in business for over 50+ years and are experienced, licensed contractors? Be sure to shop around and consider factors other than the estimated cost of the project provided by each company. Compare the contractors carefully and pick the company that best fits with your goals, preferences, timeline, and budget. Also be sure to check their references, ask to see examples of their work or to speak with current and past clients, take a look at their online reviews. EMC Home Improvement facebook reviews
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  • Finalize your Design – Once you have your contractor, and you’ve discussed your wish lists, it’s time to finalize your design with your contractor! Be sure to keep track of exactly what materials, paint colors, flooring, appliances, technology and other details you decide on for future reference. Ask for flooring samples and paint chips to help you coordinate your décor with your brand new dream basement. Keeping all of these details in a binder will help you stay organized and on top of things during your remodel, and it can be easily stored in your home just in case you ever need to reference it in the future.
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